Philip Lloyd has to start again. So he rents a house in a quiet rundown seaside town less than an hour from his home. He’s trying to escape the past, but the past isn’t ready to let him move on.

          The creepy old house is the perfect place for him to write his next novel; or so he thinks.

          But the strange way the locals behave, and the mysterious things that start to happen, make him wonder if he’s made the right choice by moving to Greysands.

          This powerful, atmospheric, thought-provoking thriller keeps the reader engrossed and fascinated to the very last page.

          This second novel from the author of ‘The Beast of Bodmin’ is an exciting new departure and takes the reader into a deeply intriguing new world of suspense.

About the Author:

Mark Edmondson is a businessman. ‘Greysands’ is his new thriller, following his well-received debut crime novel, ‘The Beast of Bodmin’.