Crossing Borders


Hilary Rouse-Amadi is a poet, teacher and academic. The format of this collection of poems reflects the interconnections between these aspects of her creativity. It was the playwright Sir Tom Stoppard who recently commented that our troubled times can overwhelm the writer, because there is simply too much to write about and respond to.

On offer on these pages is poetry of ideas, narrative poetry, lyrical poetry, where the personal is also political and located in the wider context that is the public domain. Venture on a journey with the poet that references some thirty-five countries, acknowledging cultural differences but emphasising what we have in common.  Local and global need not conflict, when we recognise, along with the late Jo Cox MP, that what we have in common is greater than that which divides us.



About the Author:

Hilary’s poetry and academic articles, both literary and socio-political, have been published in Britain, Nigeria and the U.S.A. Her cultural heritage is Scottish and Northern English and her understanding of that heritage, informed by her experience of living and working in Zambia and Nigeria, where she was more student than teacher, constantly learning from those she taught, especially the women who have enriched her understanding of what it means to be woman in a complex, multicultural world.