Is losing your virginity just a simple matter, and is dying something we all take for granted? How many levels of crime are there and don’t we all transgress in varying degrees? Is learning all to do with understanding how much we don’t know? Anna sets off in her youthful enthusiasm to explore beyond her cosmopolitan background, and in the complexity of rural England uncovers some startling truths about herself and the people she cares about. This lyrically written, powerful novel from an author with a deep understanding of the wellsprings of emotion, will fascinate you, and warm your heart.

About the Author

Jean Helen Ramm was born and grew up on a farm in Lincolnshire. In her restless youth she emigrated to Australia, where she completed a four-year degree in arts and social science at Sydney University, eventually working in prisons as a parole officer.

Over the years she has had many articles and stories published in magazines, followed by her book of short stories, Passing The Baton, which was published in 2012.