Jack Dawkins


After Oliver Twist intervenes to save Jack Dawkins – the legendary Artful Dodger – from transportation to Botany Bay, Jack embarks on what proves to be a perilous quest to discover his roots. Before he can say ‘Fagin!’ he’s battling to survive a devastating flood and rescue beautiful black-haired, green-eyed Lysette Godden, the girl of his dreams, from the hands of murderous villains. Jack and Lysette, searching for Jack’s parents, head to France and have an adventure there which tests their mettle and mutual love to the utmost and changes their lives for ever.

Brilliantly and evocatively written, Jack Dawkins is a worthy sequel to Charles Dickens’s immortal masterpiece Oliver Twist.

About the Author

Terry Ward describes himself as being a life-long bibliophile and scribbler who likes nothing better than discovering what’s beyond the next hill. He has won two creative writing awards, is married, has two sons and lives in Rochester, Kent, near Gad’s Hill Place, where Charles Dickens spent the last years of his life.