The Girl with the Griffin Bracelet


The lives of most of us are brief flames soon extinguished by the vastness of eternity.

Yet there are some whose deeds lead to them being remembered forever in the hearts and minds of the future.

This remarkable novel tells the story of a magnificent hero, Cyrus the Great, founder of the Ancient Persian Empire, and the stunning and splendid woman, Roxana, who loved him. The story of their forbidden love reverberates down the ages.

The Girl with the Griffin Bracelet is also a story of ancient Lydia and the fabled city of Babylon, the richest in the world, and of how Cyrus freed forty thousand Jews from their plight as slaves and allowed them to return to their homeland.

Cyrus and Roxana were visionaries far ahead of their time, founding their empire on the principle of religious tolerance and creating a society where people of different backgrounds and cultures could live together in peace and harmony.


About the Author:

After many years spent researching the mysteries of ancient Persia, critically acclaimed film director Alexander Jovy has created an unforgettable historical novel that is full of action, passion, mystery, tragedy, and heroism.