Requiem for a Hard Man


Gutsy and compelling, Requiem for a Hard Man follows one man’s fight for redemption through the crime-filled backstreets of 1970s Manchester.
WW2 hero Jackie Dunne has PTSD – re-ignited by his son’s heroin addiction. Unfortunately, fellow war vet Bill Shaw is now one of Manchester’s top drug dealers.
When Jackie dumps two kilos of heroin down the drain, Bill vows revenge. A deadly standoff erupts between the army mates. Unable to sort things out with brute power, Jackie breaks the cardinal rule… and talks to the authorities.
Will Jackie recognize his need for absolution?
Is that possible when he won’t even admit there was a crime?

About the author:
Simon Bradbury is an award-winning actor, playwright and screenwriter. Requiem for a Hard Man is his first novel.