Robbie’s Story


‘Love exacts a price.
The stakes are always high.’

Robbie Stebson is a young man in his twenties, a hopeless romantic; struggling to allow himself to love his own sex. Very nearly married, he falls for Tyrone, a young Irishman. Robbie, an enthusiastic teacher of English, is horrified that some of his pupils are being emotionally abused by a senior teacher. Robbie feels he has to make a stand; thus embroiling himself in a maelstrom of bullying, blackmail and the attempted murder of his lover.

Robbie’s Story tells of his dysfunctional family, friendships and the betrayals he suffers; as well as his promiscuity, trawling gay bars and clubs with a driven need. And yet throughout, there is the happy-ever-after dream he believes can never come true.


About the Author:

Stuart Carey was born in Carlisle, Cumbria, in 1958. He has spent most of his working life in Mental Health; the majority of this time in the field of counselling. He is passionate about LGBT rights, all things vintage and retro and says his idea of perfect heaven is browsing charity shops and hunting out old vinyl records. He lives in West Yorkshire with his gay partner