Developing the Character of Success: Achieving in hard times

Developing the Character of Success: Achieving in hard times


As someone in business, what is your most important asset? If your personality, your character, did not make it to the top of your list, it ought to have done.

In this cogent, powerful, thoroughly argued book, Esther Mburani argues that the way you perceive and respond to situations, people and opportunities in business, the totality of that, is your business character. And that is fundamentally your brand. This book has one goal: coaching you into using your character to excel.

The flexibility of principles and concepts in this book makes them applicable and effective in a broad spectrum, including self-identity, personal branding or re-branding, education, faith, career, relationships, parenting, health, business, entrepreneurship, management, and leadership. If you want to overcome challenges in your life and reach the top, this book will fast-track you.

About the Author

Esther Mburani was born in Uganda and currently lives in England. She has more than twenty-five year’s rich experience of working with people.  Esther has worked as a legal aid advisor, middle-level manager, top-level manager, HR, and director. Esther holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Makerere University, Kampala and a Master of Science in Administration from Andrews University, Michigan, USA.  Esther is married to Pastor Harrison Mburani, and they have four children.