Do It Right, Do It Now!

Do It Right, Do It Now!


A book for all. A book for existing and future leaders. A book for all those involved in managing people, in any capacity. John Dembitz has set down all the key ingredients for effective management and leadership in one easily readable book. As he emphasizes, there is no magic formula, just a willingness to engage, to be aware of others, to listen and to act. All his actions require is an attitude of mind, not capital investment. This is the only book you will ever need to read to become a better leader and manager and the results will be rapid! Do it Right; Do it Now!
‘There are many books on management, some are highly theoretical. This is a very practical guide for business leaders, written by a successful entrepreneur and an extremely experienced, and current, Chair/Non-Executive Director. Definitely worth a read.’
Martin Scicluna Chair, J Sainsbury’s plc and RSA Insurance plc.

‘If you haven’t been there, seen it, done it and got the T-shirt you should read this book by the man who has. Packed with practical advice and distilled wisdom. No matter where you are on your organisational career from working on your own, to ultimately leading a global enterprise, there is plenty to learn and reflect on. Read it now and keep it by your side.’ John M Neill, Chairman and Group Chief Executive Unipart group

‘This isn’t an academic, theoretical view of business. It’s candid, hands-on, and personal. John has been there and done it right and shows you how you can too.’
Belden Menkus, Founder, Menkus & Associates

About the Author

John A. Dembitz has had an eclectic career; after graduating with an MBA from London Business School he joined McKinsey as a management consultant, went on to work with a major FTSE 100 organisation, then a merchant bank, and at the age of thirty-five was appointed CEO of Valin Pollen, a communications consultancy. From there he and his brother built a successful international IT consultancy which was bought by Deloitte. In 1998 John gave himself six months to establish a portfolio of non-executive chairmanships, directorships and advisory roles… and the rest is history!