The Adventures of Izzy and Columbus


Meet Izzy and her dog, Columbus. They are truly inseparable. It seems to be another ordinary day in London on Gibbons Road until an incident occurs involving Izzy’s best friend, Max, and a strange, mysterious neighbour. They find themselves in a sticky situation and before they know it are transported to another world – the magical Nakamomo Island where they set off on an exciting adventure through the rainforest, meeting loveable creatures along the way.

However, all is not what it seems… Max has disappeared and there is someone following them.

Will they ever reach home? This highly entertaining, thrilling story takes you into the heart of their adventures on the fascinating Nakamomo Island.


About the Author:

Zoe Verner was born in Windsor in 1985. Her grandfather was the thriller writer and playwright Gerald Verner. Working in the arts most of her life, she discovered her passion for writing and loves transporting herself into the vibrant worlds she’s created. The story is inspired by her dog, Columbus, and the time she spent in the Costa Rican jungle. Other characters are named and based on some of her close friends.