The Legend of Skara Brae


The kingdom of Culrain may have outlawed magic, but when Lex’s best friend, Princess Mera, tells him that they must journey to the fabled Skara Brae to bring back magic, Lex knows it’s his destiny to go. But destiny doesn’t come easily, and Lex will have to face many trials on his way, including the Brethren of Peace: an organisation devoted to destroying all magic. Could Lex be magic’s last hope?

About the Author

Lucie Maxwell is twenty-one years old and grew up in London and Sydney. She fell in love with books at a young age and has been writing ever since. The places she’s lived in and travelled to are a great inspiration to her. She has a passion for diversity in literature and is fascinated by different cultures. Lucie is currently living in Reading and is working on her next book.